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Honey Health Benefits - Magnificent Active Manuka Honey

Honey bees gather the nectar of the New Zealand manuka 'tea tree' shrub 'Leptospermum scoparium' to make active manuka honey

Honey is widely available on the shelves of our supermarkets, and is well known for its healthy qualities. Quite a few of us like to spread some honey on a slice of toast, and it is frequently used in cooking recipes. Most of us think of honey as being purely a food, but there are many honey health benefits.

However, there is one type of honey that benefits not only the inside of our bodies, but for some of us it has practical applications for the outside. A variant of “Manuka Honey”, available from New Zealand, provides health benefits and treatments and has had clinical trials, resulting with acknowledgement on a scientific and medical level.

“Active” Manuka Honey, as it is known, is beneficial both as an internal cure for some medical conditions, as well as a skin treatment with antibacterial qualities. Treatment with honey is not  a new concept - it has been used by many different cultures throughout history via a process named “Apitherapy”. This term describes the treatment of ailments with natural honey.

Unique Properties of Active Manuka Honey

On the basis that Active Manuka Honey has enjoyed growing acceptance by both the academic and medical world in recent times, it is therefore no surprise that reports of the unique properties of this amazing find have proliferated in the world’s press and media. It is definitely an amazing discovery and will help thousands of people with various ailments, some of which have failed treatment under traditional medical care.

So what is so special about Manuka Honey?  In order to understand this we need to look at where it comes from and how it gains its unique properties. If you’re lucky, by venturing into the parts of New Zealand with unspoiled and undeveloped terrain you may find a Manuka Bush. Manuka Honey produced by the bees originates from the flowers of this rare plant. However, for honey from the Manuka Bush to be classed as “Active”, it needs to have a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) property. Not all Manuka Honey has the UMF standard and therefore Active Manuka Honey is a very limited resource indeed.

Active UMF Manuka Honey

Active UMF Manuka Honey has two properties which give it an advantage over ‘ordinary’ Manuka Honey - hydrogen peroxide, and its own natural antibacterial property. Many doctors believe the Active Manuka Honey provides many therapeutic uses. This unique distinction provides the basis of the UMF rating provided the industry. UMF is now an official trademark, and is usually sold in jars as “honey cream”.

Honey Health Benefits

Active Manuka Honey has proven health benefits in both internal and external applications. For example, external ulcers, and other skin disorders have been found to benefit from treatment with the honey cream. Internal ulcers also benefit and some patients claim to feel much better after taking the honey “raw” from a spoon. Recently, it has proved to be effective against MRSA in laboratory tests. MRSA (staphylococcus aureus) strains of bacteria are notorious for being resistant to antibiotics and are responsible for many deaths in UK hospitals every year. Research continues but the initial results are very encouraging.

When it comes to natural health, many doctors may be sceptical about a product unless there are proven scientific benefits. Manuka Honey has succeeded in proving its worth and convincing a number of high ranking doctors that Active UMF Manuka Honey is potentially a cure for internal and external ailments that are not always curable via traditional methods.

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2 Responses to “Honey Health Benefits - Magnificent Active Manuka Honey”

  1. NZ Honey Shop Says:

    It is good to see an article that points out that not all manuka honey is the same, and only some of it is able to be labelled as UMF manuka honey. It has become even more important for people looking to use this honey for a healing purpose to look for the UMF® mark - no matter where they are buying from - as there has been a flood of ordinary manuka hit the UK. The ‘active’ term has even been dropped by some of the reputable producers as it has become misused. UMF® also acts as a quality mark (for those brands which meet its standards), and not only represents the additional non-peroxide activity found in some manuka honey, but ensures quality guidelines in packing the honey, and other things such as the legal limits in the EU for hmf levels (a measure of heating of honey) are also met. It is not just a testing method, there is a full auditing process behind the UMF® mark.

    People can see a list of current companies licensed to produce UMF manuka honey from the Active Manuka Honey Association of New Zealand website -

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